Lorenzo Cascio, sculptor and painter, born in Sicily in 1940, lives and works in Portofino.

He started his career as a ceramist in Sciacca, his native town, where he opened a school which brought restored the lost ancient tradition of the ceramic art.
He was a teacher of sculpture at the local High School of the Arts until 1983
Lorenzo Cascio constantly exhibits in many world galleries, and his works are in museums, artistic collections, religious and public buildings.

The inspiring theme of his Art are the Greek myth, the myths of the Christianity which he re-proposes with a modern sensitiveness , as well as the contemporary world. His bronzes, cast with the ancient technique of the lost wax, abandon the smooth shapes, conserving all the spontaneity of the artist’s hand and catch the light, which makes them vibrate. Groups of figures and characteristic horses are a dominating theme of his sculpture .

In his painting which often draws inspiration from the contemporary world of fashion, Lorenzo Cascio finds his expression thanks to an innovating and original technique of oil and collage and a wise use of colors and signs.

In 1991 Lorenzo Cascio created the magnificent bronze door for the church of St. George in Portofino: “The Door of Salvation” which, in six high relief panels, represents the story of sin from the beginning of the world to the present time on one side, and the story of redemption on the other.

In 1994 he worked on the bronze altar for the church dedicated to St. Anthony in Boccadasse, Genova.

In 1995 he sculptured the eight high relief panels door in golden bronze representing “the Mountains of the Bible” for the church of Nozarego in Santa Margherita Ligure
In 2002 he was called to work on the sculpture “L’ABBRACCIO” for the main square of Montevago, Sicily.

This artwork represents a warrior embracing his bride, thus symbolizing the fighting spirit which joins the men and women of Sicily who, through love and labour, prepare a better future in the respect of the family values.

In 2003 Lorenzo Cascio created “THE ARRIVAL”, a sculpture for the MUSEO DEI CAMPIONISSIMI of Novi Ligure to be placed in the museum drive.
He used these words to describe his work:

I imagined in my sculpture the cross of the finishing line of a group of eight champions.
I intended, through the sculptural dynamism, to pass on the climax of the race, the perfect symbiosis between the man and his bicycle, which in the artistic representation become a whole. In my work I represented the strength of the true champions who, with their sports sacrifice left us a priceless moral heritage.

From 2012 to 2014 he worked to the realization of the new church dedicated to St. Sebastian and to the Virgin Mary in Sciacca, his native town. He sculptured the four bronze doors in bas relief, the big glass windows and three large paintings for the altars.

Lorenzo Cascio in his career portrayed in bronze famous people of the cultural and artistic world;

  • President of the Italian Republic Giovanni Leone (1965),
  • Painter Giorgio De Chirico (1973)
  • Scientist Albert Sabin (1987)
  • Admiral Durand de la Penne (1993)
  • Pope John Paul II (1998) during his visit to the Curia of Chiavari
    …and many others.

Permanent Painting and Sculpture exhibitions and collections

  • Spokane, WA (USA) Gonzaga University Museum – Bronze “Bust of Pope John Paul II”
  • Santa Fe’ (USA) The Singleton – Biss Museum of Fine Art – Bronze “Pegasi in Volo”
  • Nassau (Bahamas) D’aguilar Art Foundation – mixed media on canvas “Ulisse e Penelope”
  • Mandelieu (Francia) Domaine de Barbossi, Collection d’Art Contemporaine – Bronze  « Guerriero »
  • Gibellina (TP) biblioteca comunale – Bronze Bust “Leonardo Sciascia”
  • Portofino (GE) Museo internazionale di scultura all’aperto – Bronze bas-relief “Festa Pagana”
  • Firenze Museo della regione toscana – Mixed media on canvas “Atelier”
  • Bologna Museo della fondazione Cardinale Giacomo Lercaro – Bronze “La figuretta ritrovata”
  • Lavagna (GE) biblioteca comunale – Bronze Bust of Generale Ravenna
  • Racalmuto (AG) fondazione Leonardo Sciascia – Bronze Bust “Leonardo Sciascia”
  • Gubbio (PG) museo dell’associazione Maggio Eugubino – Terracotta “S. Francesco e il lupo”.
  • Huelva (Spagna) Museo del Ayuntamiento – Painting on canvas “La spiaggia della Doñana”
  • Sciacca (AG) Biblioteca comunale – Bronze Bust “Leonardo Sciascia”
  • Crema (CR) museo di Crema e del Cremasco – Bronze “Volto mitologico”
  • Belluno fondazione G. De Luca – Bronze “Volto di fanciulla”
  • Banari (SS) Fondazione Logudoro Meilogu – Painting on canvas “Sul Pianoro degli Dei”
  • S. Maria di Leuca (LE) Fondazione Vito Mele – Bronze “Cristo in Croce D’ulivo”
  • Caltagirone (CT) Museo della ceramica presso l’istituto statale d’arte per la ceramica – Enameled ceramic plate
  • Rapallo (GE) Raccolta del Comune – Bronze “Natività”
  • Montevago (AG) Parco culturale Terre Sikane – Bronze “Grande Abbraccio”
  • Piovera (AL) Museo all’aperto Fondazione “Il Gufo” – Bronze “Coppia”
  • Novi Ligure (AL) Museo dei Campionissimi – Bronze “L’Arrivo”
  • Sirmione (BS) Biblioteca Comunale – Mixed media on canvas “Cavalli”